May 18 - 20, 2018

May 18 - 20, 2018




Margaret Hansen is a teacher, visionary and mentor.  She created Journeys of Serendipity to help women awaken to the sovereignty of their soul. 

She believes that within each of is a dream to live big, live passionately, and live authentically! As a teacher and woman of wanderlust along “the road less traveled,” she LOVES working with people to align their lives with the desires of their heart.

Margaret is a certified instructor of Infinite Possibilities program (trained by Mike Dooley) and a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map workshops (created by Danielle Laporte). Additionally, she is a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code, a process to release negative trapped emotions from the body.  Since 1998, she has been providing transformational experiences through workshops and retreats, traveling to places that nourish the soul and awaken the spirit. 


Core Desired Feelings: Joie de Vie | Intimately Connected | Inspired | Authentic



I had the privilege of working with Margaret on her workshop, which involved discovering the core desired feelings of my soul. My experience and journey with Margaret was truly a game changer for me. Margaret’s kindness, patience and transparency were such a blessing. Her teaching and guidance helped me exponentially. She helped me truly find my desired feelings and turn them into joy and peace in my life. I would recommend Margaret in your journey to living a wonderful life! She is truly an amazing person.
— Jan Hickey, real estate agent
I attended a workshop that Margaret taught on living a life of infinite possibilities. She was incredibly helpful in guiding me mindfully through the material, while encouraging me to interpret the content through my mind’s eye. She has become a beloved friend and continues to pursue her passion for sharing universal truths. I am a busy working single mom and I feel that Margaret is my lifeline to uncovering my divine purpose. With her gentle persuasion, she helps me to dig deeper and bring forth my core desired feelings. Thanks, Margaret.
— Lori Hatcher
Margaret has provided such amazing insight and helped me through the toughest part of my life. She provided guidance and asked questions that made me realize what is truly important to me. With her guidance, I have been able to let go of many negative beliefs and focus on positive emotions. This has helped me move toward a higher level of spirituality. Margaret has a beautiful heart and soul and I am very fortunate to have come to know her. I highly recommend taking one of Margaret’s workshops. It will change your life for the better!
— Heather Whitman
Margaret is a wonderful retreat leader. I can’t say enough about the one I attended in New Mexico. I gained so many insights from the material she presented, which comprised a variety of modalities and exercises for us to tap into our core desires. There’s been a marked and positive difference in my outlook on life since completing this retreat, and I would highly recommend her. She is a very warm, down-to-earth woman with a relaxed demeanor and positive outlook on life.
— Elizabeth Brownrigg
I thoroughly enjoyed the Taos retreat! The surroundings were breathtaking and perfect for our journey to reclaim our sovereignty, to put focus on ourselves and our core desires. It was a lot of “self-work” for this DC girl who is new at exploring the more metaphysical aspects of my life. Margaret was an excellent guide! The workshop opened my mind and soul to a very different understanding of myself. I realized that my core desires lead to a happier more peaceful life! I live a path that is always changing. Our group was a very dynamic group of women from all over the country. We were from different backgrounds and had a lot to share in discussions! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Thank you, Margaret, for a lovely, life-changing experience!
— Marcia E.
A truly amazing adventure, where I was able to both lose myself and find myself at the same time. The workbook, journal, mediations, and time for reflections rejuvenated my spirit and gave me a new sense of hope to tackle my everyday stressors. Thanks you for this wonderful opportunity, Margaret.
— Misty Ely, LCSW