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Boise Workshop - Boise, ID

  • Private Residence, Boise, ID USA (map)

This workshop is a journey designed to clarify what you truly want in every area of your life.  You will reconnect with your core truth and revitalize what matters: your desires, your soul, your life.

You will be asked questions that only you can answer……..questions that require courage, openness and the willingness to bravely explore your hidden truths.

This life-changing workshop will guide your soul, as your awareness clarifies your choices from this point on.  Be ready for some major ahas and epiphanies!


  • Uncover your “core desired feelings”--a guidance system for your most soul-aligned, life-fulfilling decision-making.

  • Create sacred space – inside and out. Build an altar of shared intentions and collective wisdom.

  • Be guided to your most desired feelings in the five key areas of your life: Lifestyle & Livelihood, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, Essence & Spirituality.

  • Surrender old stories and burn your limiting beliefs.

  • Explore where in your life you experience freedom and authenticity – and where you hunger for more.

  • Make soul-anchored declarations and birth them into easy, everyday PLANS.

  • Savor the delight of falling in love with your life. As you immerse your soul with your Core Desire Feelings each day, the magic of serendipity begins to happen!


Who:  Desire-seeking women to connect in an intimate community for a life-changing journey of their soul. Workshops will be taught on-line via Zoom program. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

When: TBD

Cost: $100

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Want to go deeper?  For those interested in going deeper into each of the processes, Margaret offers private one-on-one coaching. Each session is a customized, personal program created specifically for you to work on releasing any blocks or fears that are holding you from experiencing the life of your dreams. You will awaken to your soul and hear the wisdom of your heart. Be ready for BIG shifts, as this experience is life-changing!

Three purchase plans:"

Single one-hour session: $125

Package of 3 one-hour sessions: $300

Deep dive package of 7 one-hour sessions: $500

You can customize the schedule of your sessions with Margaret to work with your schedule.

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About Margaret

Margaret Hansen is a teacher, visionary and mentor.  She created Journeys of Serendipity to help women awaken to the sovereignty of their soul. 

She believes that within each of is a dream to live big, live passionately, and live authentically! As a teacher and woman of wanderlust along “the road less traveled,” she LOVES working with people to align their lives with the desires of their heart.

Margaret is a certified instructor of Infinite Possibilities program (trained by Mike Dooley) and a licensed facilitator of The Desire Map workshops (created by Danielle Laporte). Additionally, she is a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code, a process to release negative trapped emotions from the body.  Since 1998, she has been providing transformational experiences through workshops and retreats, traveling to places that nourish the soul and awaken the spirit. 

Core Desired Feelings: Joie de Vie | Intimately Connected | Inspired | Abundant

Earlier Event: January 13
Later Event: May 31
Rocky Mountain Retreat - Spring